Bike Boss

Bike Boss is a HI-TECH security device, gives complete protection to your loved Bike. Having Bike Boss in your Bike, makes you a Real Boss to your Bike. You can be relaxed, have peace of mind and enjoy your Bike ride. The Security and Safety is fully taken care by Bike Boss device. It Makes a truly smart Bike. You can lock/unlock Bike, and in a crowded parking lot with ease. In case of any danger to your Bike, it alarms automatically and sends a notification to your Mobile and also to your friend, family members are possible.
The BIKE-BOSS device in your vehicle alerts you with alarm and notification when a vehicle is stolen or mishandled. Then you can turn off the engine and protect the vehicle using the mobile phone app.

3 Special modes

Secure mode

  • All security features enabled in this mode
  • Avoids theft and mishandling.
  • Lock/unlock vehicle without key
  • Round the clock movement monitoring

Parking mode

  • This mode used in a paid parking lot.
  • Vehicle lock possible at without key lock.
  • If vehicle moved out parking lot – siren & alert sent to owner.

Service mode

  • Used when vehicle sent to service.
  • Status, Live tracking and vehicle movement can be monitored.
  • Monitoring help to owners mostly help to service shop because theft alarm & siren option not disturb to service persons.

Fall down alert

  • Help to family of the rider in accident time.
  • Friends and Family are alerted by call & SMS with the location of fall down.
  • Siren & Indicator is ON to get nearby help.

Ignition cut off

  • Safeguard your bike when u let out your bike to friends and family for a ride.
  • Safety feature for your precious loved vehicle to avoid being taken by thieves.
  • 100% avoid vehicle theft when in-network coverage.

Parking lot finder

  • Helps to locate the bike in crowded parking lot.
  • Siren and indicator light is switched ON to find your vehicle where is it.
  • It is used to emergency help for unsecure place to vehicle riders(ladies) by triggering siren and lights to grab attention.

Theft alarm

  • Parked vehicle When stolen or mishandled, theft alarm (siren) is ON and alert comes to vehicle owner.
  • Vehicle engine in auto cut off , tracking is live and helps avoid theft.
  • It’s very useful to secure less place ex: road side parking , forget side key lock, crowd area & highly theft locations.

Geo fencing security

  • To avoid a change in travel route your employee automatically engine off, its mostly used to business persons, corporate company’s etc.
  • Vehicle when travelled out of specified area- ignition is auto cut off & alert comes to owners.


  • Live tracking
  • Route playback for past travel
  • Location sharing
  • Travel Report
  • Battery
  • Speed Graph


  • Service – Maintenance
  • Oil Change
  • Insurance renewal
  • Fitness Check -FC – Alert
  • Licenses renewal
  • Tire Maintenance / Replace


  • Key ON/OFF
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Overspeed
  • Battery Low/High
  • Battery Wire Remove
  • Vehicle Vibration/Moving