Bike Boss

Secure mode

  • full security features enable in this mode and vehicle in safe zone.
  • Avoid theft and mishandling.
  • Lock/unlock vehicle without key
  • Every vehicle movement monitoring

Parking mode

  • Used for vehicle parking in stand or secure less place.
  • Vehicle lock possible at Without key lock.
  • If vehicle move out from auto geo fencing circle siren & alert will enable.
  • Notification alert come to owner every vehicle status change.

Service mode

  • Use only vehicle in service time
  • All security option in disable automatically
  • Live tracking and vehicle movement monitoring only possible
  • Monitoring help to owners mostly help to service shop because theft alarm & siren option not disturb to service time.

Fall down alert

  • Help to vehicle rider in accident time
  • Vehicle location,number,user name shared to 5 mobile number if mobile number updated in emergency settings in app.
  • Sharing details by call &SMS.

Ignition cut off

  • Safe your bike for another person riding
  • Safety feature for your precious loved vehicle.
  • 100% avoid vehicle theft.

Parking lot finder

  • Vehicle parking find in stand and function places
  • Siren and indicator light features enable to find your vehicle where is it.
  • It is used to emergency help for unsecure place to vehicle riders(ladies).

Theft alarm

  • Parked vehicle is theft or mishandling theft alarm (siren) will enable and alert comes to vehicle owner.
  • Vehicle engine off condition tracking also possible and avoid theft.
  • Its very useful to secure less place ex:stand,without key lock,crowd area & highly theft locations.

Geo fencing security

  • To avoid change route travel your employee automatically engine off,its mostly used to business persons,corporate company’s etc.
  • Vehicle travel out of specify area ignition cut off option enable & alert comes to owners.

Truck Boss

Secure mode